Experience is all that matters today in the business world. Be it the customer experience or the user experience, it is about setting up an immersive environment that sets up WOW moments. And with data spearheading the intelligence quest, it is all the more relevant to make the user journey as gratifying as it can get.

For decision-makers and other business stakeholders, seeing, interacting and understanding data are about laying a convincing path to moving further into insights and into action. While interacting and visualizing data are top user priorities, users want experiences and interactions exactly their way.

With visual analytics and data visualization accelerating the data-to-insight journey, allowing users to query, explore and visualize data and communicate insights, where does the organizational focal lens fall to optimize user experience?

Interactive path-to-insights

For the user, visual analytics also means an easy and a smooth path to insights. The path to insight matters – in the way users want to visualize data they want it to or use easy navigation or find access to data and insight of high priority in quick time.

The more interactive the journey to insights is, better the user experience turns out to be. Where user experience is of great significance, what also rises in significance is the user-friendly nature of the dashboards to facilitate great experience in terms of laying an interactive path to intelligence. When there is a simple way of putting a query to get answers from data by leveraging natural language, it only serves to pave the way for an enriching user experience.

And in a report, context matters in a way data points can be related to a specific entity. When intelligent reports are generated, and when sales become the entity of interest, ability to drill through the data points to provide intelligence that is relevant and significant to sales is one such an example that can lead the way for enriching user experience.

With more user-friendly features like the Drill-through, Pivoting, Heat Maps and Natural Language Q&A, a smooth path to insights is ensured to facilitate good user experience.

Speedy time-to-insights

A sales manager questing to convert opportunities relies on intelligence to make sure efforts turn into fruitful sales. As the sales manager wants insights from many angles such as the past sales, sales region-wise, SKU sales, sales trend, promotion sales and other essentials, visual analytics, data visualization and robust dashboards come to the sales manager’s rescue by offering required insights to solve sales problems.

While the salesman wants red-hot insightful information, delay in leading the professional to the required intelligence can dampen the experience. While the dashboard and data visualization lead the sales manager to the required intelligence, be it the insights on pipeline, forecasts, salesperson performance or leads, with the drill-downs and pivoting options, so to speak, enabling faster time-to-insights is also about creating positive user experiences.

Prompt personalization

Creating intelligence visuals is done with the end-user in mind, which reiterates the need to offer focal attention on consuming experience. While intelligent reports and dashboards are created to be consumed by different end users such as the analysts and business users, it can lead to a personalized experience if data can be sliced to meet the reporting needs of users.

Let us take a report carrying intelligence for Sales, Marketing, Finance and Supply chain departments. If the intelligence can be dished out in a personalized way that the marketing team visualizes insights that are relevant to them or other departments view what’s relevant to them, visual analytics can get personalized in terms of end user experience.

For an educational institution of repute, which offers top notch training to transform students into entrepreneurs and business leaders, Saksoft helped address a critical business intelligence problem. The existing data visualization system that fell short of nurturing enriched user interactions and experiences was augmented by a PowerBI-driven environment.  The educational institution also gained in terms of leveraging more insights and reports towards taking their performance to a new high.