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Data enthusiast and a passionate communicator. Carries 12+ years' experience in exploring the combination of data and storytelling skills and 15+ years' experience in Sales and Marketing. A Maths graduate curious to know how data can complement problem-solving.

Envisioning Cognitive Supply Chain for E-commerce

Seizing the pole position in E-commerce rests on having a robust strategy to make the Customer Order to Delivery cycle as seamless as it can get. As customers put emphasis on speed and accuracy, and with the need to build shipshape supply chain, e-tailers strive to overcome the ordeals of excessive process times having [...]

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Is Logistic Regression the Right Machine Learning algorithm for Customer Churn?

The Reactive to Proactive transition has provoked the enterprise paradigm of ‘predicting events’ to deal with the future effectively.  Where eleventh-hour action may fail to support successful outcomes, predictions help, as in the case of predicting customer churn and improving customer retention. A negative experience, better offer from competition or an unresolved complaint can [...]

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6 Core Principles to Make Employees Drive Business Success

When Employees come first, Growth happens all the time. It would just take a cursory glance at the traits of organizations that stand apart and excel in their trade to realize it is the people power that has catapulted them to the top position. An organization that goes all out to guide employees succeed, [...]

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Identifying At-Risk Customers and Reducing Customer Churn

Jack, a regular customer for a retail business, calls the customer service department for the nth time and explodes to let out his steam. That’s because Jack’s problem hasn’t been resolved yet. Does this overt action ring the ‘Customer Churn’ warning bells? Cynthia who shops at the same retail store regularly laps up every [...]

What to Look For in Streaming Analytics?

Perish the thought of ‘Data’ not being perishable. What has perished is the pairing of ‘perishable’ just with food, goods and products, for data can now turn perishable if it is not acted upon in quick time and close to the source where it gets generated. Fast data, fast action on data and faster [...]

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What’s the 3-step Formula for Financial Institutions to Embed Intelligent Automation?

John had experienced an agonizing wait after he had applied for a bank loan – Five working days had passed without the sign of loan approval. The sluggish pace of loan origination process was more than John could handle, caused by manual efforts driving the process in entirety. In comes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) [...]

How to Convert More ‘Prospects’ to ‘Buyers’?

It is almost a tempting, tantalizing retail ability that a retailer dreams to have – turn the ‘gold ore of prospects’ into ‘gold of Happy and Loyal Customers and Brand Evangelists’. That said, striking gold takes painstaking efforts, diligent use of data to achieve the upward spiral of conversion rates. As retailers look to [...]

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How Omnichannel Analytics gives shape to ‘Customer-envisioned’ Retail

Time hasn’t chipped away at the retail essentials. Rather, the tenet-trio of customer engagement, customer experience and customer shopping have evolved with time and have also grown in significance. The days when customers just relied on the corner store to interact with the retailer, purchase products to satiate their needs are long gone. Flipping [...]

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Data Monetization – Making the most of your data

In the enterprise world, nuggets from data have been laying the path to intelligent decision making – data and decisions are now looked upon as the two sides of the same coin. That’s not all. The enterprise quest now rests on extracting more value from data, with data being looked at as the ‘new [...]

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Cracking the ‘Just In Time’ Supply Chain Code

Just in case more stocks are required to cater to customer demands - For long, this dictum propelled enterprises' efforts to meet customer needs anytime and every time. Not anymore. Just in time (JIT) now shares that close affinity with supply chain, starting from availability of raw materials for production to shipping of products [...]

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