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How ‘Customer Data Story’ Helps Organizations Win Loyal Customers

As the storytelling that enthralls audience, data storytelling can enthrall every data user in a company. From the raw form it is in, data has more life than we can imagine. To make a story from data, it is imperative that organizations decide on the end result before crafting the right data story that [...]

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How to Convert More ‘Prospects’ to ‘Buyers’?

It is almost a tempting, tantalizing retail ability that a retailer dreams to have – turn the ‘gold ore of prospects’ into ‘gold of Happy and Loyal Customers and Brand Evangelists’. That said, striking gold takes painstaking efforts, diligent use of data to achieve the upward spiral of conversion rates. As retailers look to [...]

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How Omnichannel Analytics gives shape to ‘Customer-envisioned’ Retail

Time hasn’t chipped away at the retail essentials. Rather, the tenet-trio of customer engagement, customer experience and customer shopping have evolved with time and have also grown in significance. The days when customers just relied on the corner store to interact with the retailer, purchase products to satiate their needs are long gone. Flipping [...]

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Data Monetization – Making the most of your data

In the enterprise world, nuggets from data have been laying the path to intelligent decision making – data and decisions are now looked upon as the two sides of the same coin. That’s not all. The enterprise quest now rests on extracting more value from data, with data being looked at as the ‘new [...]

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Cracking the ‘Just In Time’ Supply Chain Code

Just in case more stocks are required to cater to customer demands - For long, this dictum propelled enterprises' efforts to meet customer needs anytime and every time. Not anymore. Just in time (JIT) now shares that close affinity with supply chain, starting from availability of raw materials for production to shipping of products [...]

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How to Predict Customers and Sell Better

Eye level they say is the buy level - this merchandizing tenet for long has been of value to entice customers into making the buying decision. It touches the 'buying chord' in a customer, hits the customer eyeballs, and ignites the buying spark – a technique leveraged to make products move from the retailers’ shelf [...]

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Maximize your Marketing ROI

Super bowl ads are a delight to watch, and super bowl ad numbers are a delight to crunch. And what has preempted this ad marketing success – was it a company’s creative hat or the scientific thrust. Tuning into the voices of the past, we are held captive by Bill Bernbach’s conviction that it [...]

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Curb data-silos and get 360-degree customer view

John Donne was apt in saying that ‘No man is an island’ and it only reiterates how humans cannot thrive when they get isolated from other human beings. Isolation can deprive anything of its true value. Now, if you replace that man with data, you will not be farther from the truth. The ‘New [...]

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