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Ardent data scientist and Machine Learning practitioner, with an ability to deliver valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. Holding a PGP in Data Science and Engineering from Great Lakes Institute of Management.

How Natural Language Processing Helps Tap Value from Unstructured Data

As human beings we express everything either verbally or through written form, which carries lot of information. But how do we use all this information and derive benefits out of it? Computers are and have always been great at working with spreadsheet data and database tables which are typically structured data. But as we [...]

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How Exploratory Data Analysis can Boost Machine Learning Results

On screen, Al Pacino, as the blind man in ‘The Scent of a Woman’ looked pitch-perfect for the role, did justice and the audience in turn responded with thunderous applause. That’s the post-production success for you. During the pre-production stage, the hunt for the right-fit actor for a specific role begins with the casting [...]

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