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A Data Scientist | ML Engineer and an AI Enthusiast . My learning is continuous and am passionate about breaking big problems into their minute details and finding answers in a way they have positive bearing on Businesses. Love Algorithmic Thinking and AI .

3 Novel Ways to Transform Customer Experience Using AI in Retail

There is a constant retail hunt to seek new ways to transform customer experience. With Artificial Intelligence in Retail, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning proving transformational in terms of promoting enriching customer experience, the promise of using AI in retail and most-modern technologies to ensure an ‘intelligent retail’ leads to enriching customer experiences is not [...]

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Using NLP for Banking Transaction Categorization and KPI Augmentation

Today, banks have more data to capture and analyze - one of the critical types being transaction data. And raw data on its own doesn’t offer the sort of actionable insights that banks would want to acquire. Then there is the treasure chest of textual data waiting to be tapped for intelligence. That puts [...]

By |2019-09-05T16:50:33+05:30September 5th, 2019|

Using Deep Learning Powered Image Classification to Speed up Cancer Type Detection

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that cancer burden has risen to touch 18.1 million new cases and that about 9.6 million deaths have resulted from cancer in 2018. That said, what this alarming account of cancer deaths reiterates is the need to rollout prevention measures, wherein early detection and efficient prevention need [...]

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How to move from sentiment analysis to recommendation system?

The Social World today has ‘sentiments’ waiting to be tapped. Take the case of this brand that used social listening and sentiment analysis to make better decisions in improving the sales of products. Some customers pointed at the ‘weak’ features of products, some highlighted the plus of ‘on-time’ deliveries and some even expressed opinion [...]

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