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Top 5 Trends in Mobile Technology

From work to bed, mobile phones have become an integral part of our digital lives. Smartphone companies are competing themselves to improve the mobile experience through various innovative changes in their hardware components. They started standardizing USB – C everywhere, left behind headphone jacks, mainstreamed bezel free smartphones and more. Now integrating this futuristic [...]

Advancement of Mobile Applications in the aeon of IoT

We are in 2017, and future is arriving faster than we expected. We never thought that Big Data and Analytics would flip the world upside down in a Presidential Election. The trend is on 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR mobile experience, everything on Cloud, Holographic mobile display, getting items delivered through drones, Driverless cars, [...]

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The Age of Emotionless Machines – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Technology has never failed to amuse us. We have seen the growth and trends of Big Data, AI and VR in 2016. We expect these technologies to continue its dominance in 2017, probably far beyond our imaginations. The clarity and gyaan the organization gain on big data and Analytics is predominantly increasing but the Artificial [...]

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So how big is big data?

“Big Data” – in a layman’s perspective would emphasize on huge set of data. More data does not mean robust data or better results. But the ability to collate, qualify and analyze the data would accelerate driving business in different industries. Usage of digital data has enormously increased in the recent decades but we rarely [...]

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The Wondrous Future of Mobile Technology

The world is growing at a rapid pace, and the mobile technology has brought in better changes making our life easier. The affordance and adoption to mobile technology has shaped the personalized user experience with tons of information on the move. We can argue endlessly when we revolve around the topic comparing technology as [...]

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Redefining the World of E-commerce with Augmented Reality

Life is turning out to be more at ease. People are very much concerned in spending their valuable time doing the most appropriate thing in their routine. Shopping for basics is one such routine in every person’s life.  I’m not ready to get caught flat footed by saying people are getting lazier. But yes, sometimes [...]

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