The number of smart devices worldwide is growing rapidly. Several billion devices are already in use and these devices are producing massive amounts of data every single moment. In order to collect this data in a centralized storage and derive meaningful insights, there should be communication across devices, networks, data centers and the controlling applications. This is where Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies help organizations through communication channels and offer endless possibilities for businesses.


Saksoft’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables organizations with real-time tracking of devices, data and processes. It helps multiple industries to benefit from IoT enabled devices and applications. Some of the new digital opportunities for industries are:

  • Customized shopping experience by e-commerce industries using real-time analytics and purchase patterns
  • Real-time location tracking, asset management and communication for the logistic companies
  • Track machinery life-cycle and maintenance requisites by manufacturers
  • Better financial insights and more customer engagement for banking industry

We leverage industry best practices, global delivery standards, most modern tools and frameworks to analyse, define, design, develop, test, rollout, adopt, and maintain custom software solutions. The ability to cater to changing technology needs while foreseeing the future growth and dynamism differentiates Saksoft from the competitors. This also helps customers to get optimum benefits from the investments made.

Saksoft is making a difference with IoT enabled softwares in various industries. Our IoT Solution road map ensures to meet your long-term goals of scalability, ease of use, security and growth. We help to implement or migrate your solution to a secured cloud platform and also integrate the existing business system to IoT based systems with end-to-end services of data management, infrastructure set up, and support & maintenance.


We develop and manage large scale custom applications for Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Credit Management, Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics & Supply Chain, Public Sector, Travel and Retail Companies.

Our Solutions

  • Equipment Monitoring System

  • Connected Operations Floor

  • Cargo Environment Control System

  • Regulations & Safety Solutions

  • Dynamic Route Planning

  • Vehicle Diagnostic Software

  • Fleet Tracking and Management

  • Green Logistics and Energy Management

Tools and Technologies

  • RFID technology
  • NFC
  • Embedded Sensors
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • Optical tags like QR codes
  • GPS location chips
  • PLCs- Programmable Logic Chips
  • Camera and Audio feed

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