Custom Application Development using .NET/Java:

Building Custom Application Development using either .NET/JAVA can fuel your business growth exponentially. With changing customer dynamics, legacy systems / applications could prove as a roadblock & off-the-shelf applications will slow down the organization’s response to change. Regardless of your business, the success lies in creating the right strategy as well as finding a partner who can help with minimum time-to-market and a cost efficient approach.

custom application devlopment

Saksoft possesses extensive experience and skill set to build tailor-made applications to suit the business needs. We have over 17+ years of experience, demonstrated multi-domain expertise and knowledge on the latest technologies. Additionally, we also offer training and support to empower the in-house team. We work with the customers to develop solutions that provide various strategic benefits such as simpler architecture, faster time-to-market, agility, and scalability. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations with a competitive edge in the long run.


We leverage industry best practices and global delivery standards to provide best solutions. In addition to that, modern tools and frameworks are used to analyse, define, design, develop, test, roll out, adopt, and maintain custom software solutions. The ability to cater to changing technology needs – while quickly foreseeing the future growth and dynamism – differentiates Saksoft from the competitors. We also help the customers to get optimum benefits from the investments made.

We develop and manage large scale custom applications for Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Credit Management, Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics & Supply Chain, Public Sector, Travel and Retail Companies. Our applications have helped customers with increased productivity, scalability, higher returns on their investment, and overall operational efficiency.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Product Development

  • New Apps Development

  • Rapid Prototype Development

  • Feature Enhancement

  • Code/Performance Optimization

  • Application APIs

  • Internet GUI Enablement

  • Customized Testing

Tools and Technologies

  • Backend and Desktop: Java,.NET

  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS

  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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