Beyond hype and into the realm of reality, blockchain technology is making inroads into enterprises with the promise of a secure digital foundation. Organizations want to acquire that early-bird advantage by tapping into the potentials of blockchain technology to create trusted, smart and decentralized systems for solving critical business and industry problems, promoting end-to-end transparency and nurturing better business decisions to thrive in the digital age.

Saksoft offers technical expertise required to implement blockchain solutions across industries. With expertise across leading blockchain platforms including Hyperledger, Ripple, Ethereum, Solidify and Chain, our experts create solutions and ecosystems to help organizations meet specific business needs. Saksoft helps accelerate blockchain adoption, from evaluating blockchain use cases to creating the Proof of Concept and implementing blockchain solutions.

Whether you want to create smart contract ecosystems or create front-end applications for blockchain solutions, Saksoft offers a range of services to help enterprises maximize value from blockchain technology. Our key implementations cover distributed ledgers, smart contracts and crypto-currency.

Our blockchain service offerings include:

  • Consultation & Proof of concept

  • Blockchain application development

  • Blockchain solution build & implementation

  • Smart contracts & e-wallets

  • Integration services

  • Testing

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