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Use customer behavior analytics to increase sales, retention and revenue

There’s a bridge between knowing what customers want in advance and accomplishing it – customer behavior analytics. Behavioral insights equip the line of action intended to create personalized customer experience. Customer behavior analytics offers the sought customer wisdom – what customers bought, when, how they bought, how often they buy, what channel they use [...]

Using Machine Learning Techniques for Fraud Detection: Machine prediction or Anomaly detection or Behavioral analytics

Every now and then, there is a fraudulent activity masquerading as the original – no exception to the business world. And if fraud detection is about dealing with smokes and mirrors with barely any room for errors, then Machine learning and AI have grown into reckoned technology forces giving enterprises the hope of clearing [...]

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3 Novel Ways to Transform Customer Experience Using AI in Retail

There is a constant retail hunt to seek new ways to transform customer experience. With Artificial Intelligence in Retail, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning proving transformational in terms of promoting enriching customer experience, the promise of using AI in retail and most-modern technologies to ensure an ‘intelligent retail’ leads to enriching customer experiences is not [...]

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Market Basket Analysis for Banking: Better Targeting, Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty

Banks and Market Basket Analysis can make up for an alluring pair. And ‘pairing of ‘products or service offerings’ raises in context when financial institutions want to dig deeper into the product-customer connection to serve the customer better, maximize value from targeted marketing and promote personalized experience. In addition to the association unearthed between [...]

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Using AI/Machine Learning to Transform Retail Loss Prevention

A retail scenario that one would dare to confront - A product is whisked away without being scanned at the counter; a merchandise is given without being charged; and a mal-intentioned individual goes scot free after returning a product (no rhyme or reason to return the product) and discounts are being given to transactions [...]

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