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Customer Micro-segmentation Marketing – Using Micro-segmentation for Increasing ROI

Customers are the perennial target of promotional marketing messages, campaigns, and advertisements. With more and more messages turning out to be irrelevant to them โ€“ like the promotional campaign asserting the value of studying at a specific foreign institution getting rolled out to to a retired officer โ€“ customers are only turning away from [...]

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How is RPA transforming Hospitality Industry?

The front-desk at a hotel is buzzing with customer activity โ€“ From reservations to customer requests, front-desk staff are constantly interacting with the guests when several guest queries are thrown at them. And this can lead to frustrating wait times for customers wherein guests queue up to find answers to their concerns and queries.Chatbots and [...]

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How to Build a Recommendation Engine?

Customers, today, want nothing short of personal attention and service. From service to experience and offers, what matters is the personalization that can win customer loyalty. And when it comes to personalized offers, recommendation engine comes into perspective in the way it helps organizations learn what a customer likes and recommends the right product [...]

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Attended vs Unattended Bot When, How, and Where to use?

Customer service agents and bots now form a formidable pair. Where a customer service agent goes through monotonous and repetitive tasks of updating customer details or moving from one screen to another and performing various clicks, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has come to relieve the agent of the tedium, empower the agent in nurturing enriching [...]

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