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Using Deep Learning Powered Image Classification to Speed up Cancer Type Detection

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that cancer burden has risen to touch 18.1 million new cases and that about 9.6 million deaths have resulted from cancer in 2018. That said, what this alarming account of cancer deaths reiterates is the need to rollout prevention measures, wherein early detection and efficient prevention need [...]

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How to Take Next Best Action with Analytics-powered Decision Engines

One of the top grossers for retail is the flick covering Next best action (NBA) thrillers. And it has all the elements of thrill, action and decisions. Imagine a customer buying a product and witnessing a component getting damaged within a week. And the immediate action on the part of the customer to mail [...]

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How to Make Shelf Space Optimization Drive Sales, Profit and Customer Experience

Enter a retail store and that arresting first impression is made by the assortment of products siting on the shelves. Not every product is of that fly-off-the-shelves type and not every product has that ‘presence’ felt on the shelf space. Then there are those new products that have won their shelf space through the [...]

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