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How to move from sentiment analysis to recommendation system?

The Social World today has ‘sentiments’ waiting to be tapped. Take the case of this brand that used social listening and sentiment analysis to make better decisions in improving the sales of products. Some customers pointed at the ‘weak’ features of products, some highlighted the plus of ‘on-time’ deliveries and some even expressed opinion [...]

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How Retailers Maximize Returns from Return Optimization

Retailers’ jingle of 'Happy Returns' has rhyme and reason to it, which is about bringing ‘Returns’ into the realm of customer experience, looking at it more as a differentiator rather than an obstacle  - When Clara orders a pair of shoes of her size online, she envisions a perfect-fit pair. When delivered, it turns [...]

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3-tier User Experience Optimization for Visual Analytics

Experience is all that matters today in the business world. Be it the customer experience or the user experience, it is about setting up an immersive environment that sets up WOW moments. And with data spearheading the intelligence quest, it is all the more relevant to make the user journey as gratifying as it [...]

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How Natural Language Processing Helps Tap Value from Unstructured Data

As human beings we express everything either verbally or through written form, which carries lot of information. But how do we use all this information and derive benefits out of it? Computers are and have always been great at working with spreadsheet data and database tables which are typically structured data. But as we [...]

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Who will win the India – Pakistan World Cup 2019 Match?

Great events create earth-shattering noise, let alone the suspense, thrill and excitement that they create even before the start.  And the one-of-its-kind, India-Pakistan World Cup humdinger, is just about to cast the hold-your-breath, test-of-nerve spell on cricket lovers across continents. With the gap closing in on the day of reckoning, expectancy is the fuel [...]

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Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Enter machine learning and deep learning, and you have the siblings waiting to reveal their contrasting characteristics. First and foremost, machine learning and deep learning come under the Artificial Intelligence umbrella. The two can walk hand in hand, where deep networks can be used in an ensemble with ML algorithms, or work independently to [...]

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How to Develop a Robust Cloud Strategy

Cloud has emerged as a core focus area, not only for the IT Service Providers, but also for Enterprises. Invariably, it has become one of the most important Technology Strategy areas for CIOs and CTOs. Any discussion about Cloud is now directly targeted towards ways to embrace Cloud and how soon that can be [...]

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