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Is Logistic Regression the Right Machine Learning algorithm for Customer Churn?

The Reactive to Proactive transition has provoked the enterprise paradigm of ‘predicting events’ to deal with the future effectively.  Where eleventh-hour action may fail to support successful outcomes, predictions help, as in the case of predicting customer churn and improving customer retention. A negative experience, better offer from competition or an unresolved complaint can [...]

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Dotting the ‘i’ and Crossing the ‘t’ in Retail Personalization

If ‘Customer experience’ is fast eclipsing product and price as the retail differentiator, intelligence and technology are rallying around retailers in their quest to strengthen Retail Personalization – a successful differentiation initiative to say the least. As POE (Point of Experience) scores over POS (Point of Sale) in terms of customer-relevance and customer engagement, [...]

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6 Core Principles to Make Employees Drive Business Success

When Employees come first, Growth happens all the time. It would just take a cursory glance at the traits of organizations that stand apart and excel in their trade to realize it is the people power that has catapulted them to the top position. An organization that goes all out to guide employees succeed, [...]

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