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Which Machine Learning Algorithm to Use for Fraud Detection?

As fraud activities get more sophisticated and gruesome in terms of the ‘swindling’ that occurs, enterprises now require an intelligent and a proactive sentry who can thwart fraudulent attempts. With fraudsters conceiving unimaginable, complex crimes, the onus is on the enterprise to come up with sophisticated fraud prevention measures to keep tricksters at bay. [...]

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Identifying At-Risk Customers and Reducing Customer Churn

Jack, a regular customer for a retail business, calls the customer service department for the nth time and explodes to let out his steam. That’s because Jack’s problem hasn’t been resolved yet. Does this overt action ring the ‘Customer Churn’ warning bells? Cynthia who shops at the same retail store regularly laps up every [...]

How Exploratory Data Analysis can Boost Machine Learning Results

On screen, Al Pacino, as the blind man in ‘The Scent of a Woman’ looked pitch-perfect for the role, did justice and the audience in turn responded with thunderous applause. That’s the post-production success for you. During the pre-production stage, the hunt for the right-fit actor for a specific role begins with the casting [...]

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