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3 Keys for Financial Institutions to Cash in on Cardless Cash

Customers don't pin their faith just on the PIN anymore. There are mobile apps attracting customer attention when there is a need to access cash at the ATM.  Dynamic tokens and QR codes have come good for authentication purpose. From being used for emergency situations, Cardless Cash is gaining traction across customers, banks and [...]

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How ‘Customer Data Story’ Helps Organizations Win Loyal Customers

As the storytelling that enthralls audience, data storytelling can enthrall every data user in a company. From the raw form it is in, data has more life than we can imagine. To make a story from data, it is imperative that organizations decide on the end result before crafting the right data story that [...]

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How DevOps Prompts Cost Effective & Time-saving Data Science

Every organization wants to acquire the ability to make faster and better decisions. Today, organizations rely on data science to convert data into predictions and prescriptions and create an intelligent enterprise – achieve twin objectives of faster and top quality decisions. And that becomes a reality by finding the answer to this query – [...]

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