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Retail – App only Vs Mobile web

Retail is one of the domains which is trying to adapt to mobile technology in a big way. Every big retailer is trying to put their best foot forward envisaging their customers’ pattern of spending as well as their lifestyle. First, let us try looking why mobile at the first go? The answer is [...]

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Developing an Agile Mindset

To successfully transform to Agile, it takes much more than changing tools, templates and practices. It requires a change in mindset in every single employee. Agile needs to become the culture of an organization to truly realize the benefit of agility. A team cannot presume to follow Agile just by having daily standups, backlogs or [...]

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Effective Steps to Create an Invincible Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Enterprise mobility is no more a buzz word, especially for those who are in business, but have you ever thought how someone can create/implement enterprise mobility in their business. Steps to create an invincible enterprise mobility strategy: Step 1: Define your business objectives This is the first and foremost thing while building a peerless enterprise [...]

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