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Riding the wave into a digital world

One of the most important measures of success of an innovation is in its adoption. This transition happens, when the consumer is not required to understand the technology behind innovation but can still use it effortlessly. Take for instance the internet and how it has seamlessly integrated with our lives. This is probably the single [...]

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Software Testing Trends

The technological transformations happening in the IT world have been very rapid and are creating a considerable impact on businesses. That said, the year 2016 may be seen as an immensely challenging year for the software testing community with the emerging trends. The year 2015 has already witnessed a rapid adoption of social media platforms [...]

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RSS vs Atom

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a familiar name in the internet world, but Atom (Atom Syndication Format) may not ring a bell for many. Content Syndication is a mechanism using which the contents of a website including articles, news, blogs and forums are published partially or fully to other websites in [...]

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Planning Poker – an exciting estimation technique

Need for relative sizing of estimates Agile methodology is all about “plan as you go”. With insufficient or little detailed requirements available upfront, it becomes impossible to come up with precise effort estimates to determine the size of the entire project. Since the Product Backlog evolves throughout the lifecycle of a product, only the epics [...]

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Advantages of WEB API over WCF

In a fast-paced development environment, it could be a tricky decision to make whether to use WEB API or WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). Both can be self-hosted or hosted in IIS. WCF is a best fit for scenarios like message queues, duplex communication, end-to-end message security, one way messaging, distributed transactions, etc. WEB API [...]

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IOT – Changing the face of Retail

IOT or widely called “Internet of Things” has somehow become “Internet of Today” in current scenario. More than Machine to machine communication it has slowly evolved into a fact of life. There is no field left, which it hasn’t touched and revolutionized to the every extent possible. Retail, is also one of the areas which [...]

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Learn and Adapt to stay relevant

“if you resist change you will be irrelevant in the 21 century” – Narendra Modi “Change is the only constant” – I bet, this has got to be one of the most boringly clichéd quotes used over the last 30 years or so. With everything about us changing so fast, hospital the only way [...]