Digital Transformation

Saksoft offers a full range of business consulting and technology services to successfully align a company’s Information Management objectives. This includes consultation, designing, implementing, training and support on all major IM platforms such as SAP Business Objects, Cognos, Datastage, Hyperion, Microsoft and Informatica.

Digital Framework

Digital First combines the power of Saksoft’s expertise in:

  • Industry domains
  • Enterprise systems
  • Next generation technology capabilities in
  • Mobility
  • Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Cloud
  • Strategic partnerships

Digital First’s holistic approach enables customers to leverage digital technologies from Saksoft and its partners to increase speed to market, enhance customer interactions and drive new business

Saksoft’s approach to digital transformation focuses on:

  • The customer as central to the digital enterprise
  • The end to end business process and technology capabilities required to support multi-channel engagement and deliver a personalised experience to every individual customer
  • Adopt a tiered approach to holistic digital transformation and incorporate solutions required to solve the complex problems in the four different tiers
  • ‘Agile’ and ‘DevOps’ incorporated in all application development environment – depending on the maturity level and capability of customers – to provide flexibility and ease of maintenance once systems go live

The innermost core starts with providing the requisite infrastructure in the Cloud.

Our Cloud Service includes assessing, designing, building and managing an agile, flexible IT environment in partnership with our Cloud ecosystem partners.

  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Cloud implementation
  • Apps Cloud migration, testing and performance reports
  • Monthly Cloud Performance Report

Smart Enterprise & Legacy Modernisation

  • Business Process Management (BPM), ERP integration, CRM integration, mobile application integration, web services integration, legacy system integration, portals
  • A group of experts can help the organisation in legacy managed maintenance, OLTP consolidation, database consolidation, application retirement, application optimisation, web enablement, data / app integration, SOA enablement and re-engineering

Application Server Migration & Middleware Integration

  • Saksoft specialises in application server migration/middleware integration and have successfully migrated multiple web based applications from and to different environments using the following methodology
Application Server Migration
Application Integration

The customer insight layer helps the customer arrive at meaningful actionable decisions from raw data.

Our BI and Analytics capabilities have been helping clients get comprehensive insights about their business, their customers behavior etc. Our Information Management practice help our clients with the following

  • IM Assessment and Consulting
  • Architecture & Modelling
  • Development & Consulting
  • Data Governance & Security
  • Intelligence & Insights
  • Testing & Support
Customer Insight

Mobility Solutions

  • The mobile device is fast becoming the preferred medium of accessing the internet, enterprise data and personal information. The deluge of apps written will outstrip all applications developed and managed for several years. We specialise in creating mobile apps and have a full fledged testing lab with a huge number of mobile devices for compatibility testing as well as downstream maintenance

Web Applications

  • The primary interface for customer interactions are the mobile and web today. Saksoft provides customised web applications to facilitate individual interactions and also provide migration of websites and make them mobile aware
Customer Access