Saksoft offers the complete stack of services in the Information Management / Business Intelligence area from Consulting, building Data-warehouse and providing Analytics solution. While managing data remains critical for growing companies, analyzing it and building actionable insights has emerged as the most critical factor to competitiveness in a fast-changing business environment. Our experience and proven ability in helping our clients convert their data-to-decision through our technology agnostic solutions, Domain-specific frameworks, solution accelerators etc have helped us be known as the Information Management Specialist since its inception in 1999.

Our information management and business intelligence competence is complemented with capabilities in Application services and Software testing services. The company’s strong quality assurance practice, with a specialty in mobile testing, is reinforced by a 100+ mobile device inventory and mobile testing simulators. Our agile process approach, quality adherence practices and managed services capabilities help customize services around client needs. Our offices are strategically proximate to key client locations, translating into long-term engagements.

Today, Saksoft has evolved from offering on-demand technology solutions to now leading clients towards Digital Transformation. This journey for us started with building digital competencies within the organization and using these experiences to take our clients on a digital transformation journey. In this process, we work with our clients across People, Process and Technology, to deliver productivity gains, cost optimization and innovations to thwart the ever challenging emerging business models.

Saksoft’s 1000-plus team is deployed in offices across US, UK, India and Singapore. In an industry that witnesses high churn levels for want of better opportunities and global postings, we have been able to control attrition by keeping our employees motivated, offering them global relocation opportunities and clear career road maps.

  • Acuma Solutions Ltd.

    Acuma solutions Ltd., UK, is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions to organizations around the world.

  • ThreeSixtyLogica Testing services

    ThreesixtyLogica Testing Services Pvt. Ltd., India provides independent testing services and QA consulting through dedicated offshore teams and onsite experts.

  • Electronic Data Professionals

    EDP is a Data Analytics and Visualization boutique based out of Bensalem, PA.

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