Business Intelligence

Corporate executives, business managers and other users often find it difficult to incorporate and analyse the huge amount of data that are vital for business decision making. Business Intelligence helps organizations to have access to historic and current data on a single platform, convert them into meaningful information in the form of analytics and dashboards to enhance strategic and tactical decision-making process.

Saksoft’s offers Business Intelligence solutions in Microsoft and SAP platforms to empower organizations with better data analysis and competitive edge. The solutions consist of an extensive set of data analysis applications for analytics, querying, reporting, real-time business intelligence and mobile BI. It also includes data visualization tools for designing charts and infographic as well as tools for aesthetic presentation of data and dashboards that display business metrics and key performance indicators in a simplified way.

Our Business Intelligence solutions help customers foresee marketing trends, spot business problems, optimize internal processes, increase operational efficiency, drive new business opportunities and accelerate decision making.


Data Management

Multi-dimensional aggregation and allocation

Data tagging and standardization

Extract-Transfer-Load process

Centralized repositories or data warehouse

Real-time reporting with analytical alert

Data mart

Key performance indicators optimization

Version control and process management

Risk Management & Insights