Data is the new ‘Oil’!

  • Hariram Nagarajan

“When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade” has now changed to “when you have data, make decisions with it” Just as many other blog posts similarly, Rate of Data accumulation is rapid, in a very unimaginable way. A recent study at the Northeastern University states that 2.5 Exabyte of data are produced every single day, … Continue reading Data is the new ‘Oil’!

5 tips to optimize your analytics investment!

  • Aiswarya Mahadevan

You have made huge investments on your business intelligence. Now you have access to the most modern analytics, advanced intelligence, machine learning etc. But for many, measuring the success of analytics and business intelligence is not easy. Here are some of the factors that determine how powerful is your data-driven business decisions. Choose the best, … Continue reading 5 tips to optimize your analytics investment!

10 easy ways to motivate your employees

  • Senthil Velmurugan

Today, everyone talks about the millennials, Gen X and Y so on but the fundamental always stay the same and remains a mystery to unwind. One of the key challenges mangers face these days is how to motivate employees and keep them optimistic. On a survey that revealed the top 7 important aspects for employee … Continue reading 10 easy ways to motivate your employees

Digital Wallets- Banking for Millennials

  • Sourjyo Datta

Abstract: Right now we are going through a huge technological transition, and the Millennials have played an extensive role. From basic cell phones to java based feature phone to Smart-phones. We have become more adaptable. After all adaptation is the key to survival. Due to the recent demonetization in India, the government has and is … Continue reading Digital Wallets- Banking for Millennials

Are Mutual Funds the new age tool to beat Bank Fixed Deposits?

  • Sridhar Sampath

People have cravings for worldly things. Some cravings to be enjoyed might need a re-jig of the word “Cr” with an “S”. Yes we are referring to Savings. And incidentally “Cr” is the acronym for Crores. Ah! We are talking about money now. Who does not want money, maybe barring a few souls? To deal … Continue reading Are Mutual Funds the new age tool to beat Bank Fixed Deposits?

Artificial Intelligence: It’s no longer artificial!

  • Aiswarya Mahadevan

The latest popular American TV show “Westworld” deals with a concept that may become a reality in another 20 years or even before. If you haven’t seen it already, it is a show where human-like AI populates a park designed to look like the Wild West America. Visitors (actual humans) pay huge money to visit … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: It’s no longer artificial!

Internet of things

  • Arjun Subramanian

Projections have shown that by 2020 a record 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet contributing to the narrative of the growing importance of the internet of things. While there might be some variations to that number the sheer volume of devices naturally draws a lot of attention for the market opportunities that … Continue reading Internet of things

Internet, now at the speed of light! Quite literally!

  • ashwath raj

Waiting for hours to download a movie or a game, you can say goodbye to those days soon. In a few years’ time the light around you will be carrying trillions of data, literally. The speed of your internet will almost seem like speed of light itself. In a few seconds time, you can download … Continue reading Internet, now at the speed of light! Quite literally!

Putting the limelight on Prescriptive Analytics

  • Aiswarya Mahadevan

Let’s assume your organization covers the three major areas of what experts call as ‘foundation of meaningful analytics’ – Big data, a data warehouse, and the most modern BI tool. Researchers and business analysts perform various analytics – statistics, math, logics, experiments, simulations, artificial intelligence; you name it – to draw insightful patterns, behaviors and … Continue reading Putting the limelight on Prescriptive Analytics

The Age of Emotionless Machines – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Madhan Kumar

Technology has never failed to amuse us. We have seen the growth and trends of Big Data, AI and VR in 2016. We expect these technologies to continue its dominance in 2017, probably far beyond our imaginations. The clarity and gyaan the organization gain on big data and Analytics is predominantly increasing but the Artificial … Continue reading The Age of Emotionless Machines – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

So how big is big data?

  • Madhan Kumar

“Big Data” – in a layman’s perspective would emphasize on huge set of data. More data does not mean robust data or better results. But the ability to collate, qualify and analyze the data would accelerate driving business in different industries. Usage of digital data has enormously increased in the recent decades but we rarely … Continue reading So how big is big data?

Bitcoin!!! to Blockchain and its Governance – Future Challenges of BI

  • Manish Kumar

I hope you already know about Bitcoin, aren’t you? If not, then let me explain you and if you already know then please share your insight if you already know more… especially Indian market perspective. If I tell you that Bitcoin is a digital payment system. Then it will not interest you much as we … Continue reading Bitcoin!!! to Blockchain and its Governance – Future Challenges of BI


  • ashwath raj

The nuts and bolts of Internet of Things Internet of Things comprises of billions of devices connected to internet. These devices, ranging from alarm clock to cars can send and receive data from surroundings. It is estimated that 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. This blog focuses on the technical … Continue reading WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) – II

The Wondrous Future of Mobile Technology

  • Madhan Kumar

The world is growing at a rapid pace, and the mobile technology has brought in better changes making our life easier. The affordance and adoption to mobile technology has shaped the personalized user experience with tons of information on the move. We can argue endlessly when we revolve around the topic comparing technology as a … Continue reading The Wondrous Future of Mobile Technology

What’s all the fuss about Internet of Things?

  • ashwath raj

Internet of Things is a network of interconnected objects enabling exchange and collection of data. The data collection is done by using the sensors fitted on the physical devices. The devices can range from your mobile, car to even water heaters or toasters. So, now not only your computer but any physical object with a … Continue reading What’s all the fuss about Internet of Things?

Redefining the World of E-commerce with Augmented Reality

  • Madhan Kumar

Life is turning out to be more at ease. People are very much concerned in spending their valuable time doing the most appropriate thing in their routine. Shopping for basics is one such routine in every person’s life.  I’m not ready to get caught flat footed by saying people are getting lazier. But yes, sometimes … Continue reading Redefining the World of E-commerce with Augmented Reality

Ewwww… Brexit

  • Bhaskar Narayanan

I am pretty sure that the most people in the United Kingdom heard EU more as a teenage girl’s disgusted scream ‘Ewwww’. So when they were asked to make a choice to stay with EU their natural and understandable answer was a resounding ‘Leave’. You can’t blame them can you? After all, who wants to … Continue reading Ewwww… Brexit

DevOps Simplified

  • Sunny Poshwal

In the world of Agile Software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have been creating several challenges for Developers and Operations since the very beginning. The list of challenges is huge; however, let’s have a look on some of the challenges – Each increment in software product (i.e. newly developed feature) adds to testing queue … Continue reading DevOps Simplified

Data Masking: What you need to know

  • Bhupendra Singh

Data masking feature is very much in demand by business organizations to secure and protect the business critical data, another reason for data masking is to suffice data assets security requirement required by compliance and regulatory authorities. Data masking is basically enablement of a security feature on a specific column data inside a table in … Continue reading Data Masking: What you need to know

Insights into Cloud Computing

  • Richa Kumari

Cloud computing is a concept, came into existence to ensure that individuals and enterprises need not be limited by the applications on their desktops. The services, applications and utilities needed in the performance of the work can be simply hosted in the “cloud” or by the particular provider of your choice and you only need … Continue reading Insights into Cloud Computing

Effective Steps to Create an Invincible Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Enterprise Mobility Strategy
  • Richa Kumari

Enterprise mobility is no more a buzz word, viagra illness especially for those who are in business, viagra but have you ever thought how someone can create/implement enterprise mobility in their business. Steps to create an invincible enterprise mobility strategy: Step 1: Define your business objectives This is the first and foremost thing while building … Continue reading Effective Steps to Create an Invincible Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Developing an Agile Mindset

Agile Mindset
  • Sathish Easuwaran

To successfully transform to Agile, it takes much more than changing tools, templates and practices. It requires a change in mindset in every single employee. Agile needs to become the culture of an organization to truly realize the benefit of agility. A team cannot presume to follow Agile just by having daily standups, backlogs or … Continue reading Developing an Agile Mindset

Retail – App only Vs Mobile web

Mobile App Vs Mobile web
  • Dhirendra Sinha

Retail is one of the domains which is trying to adapt to mobile technology in a big way. Every big retailer is trying to put their best foot forward envisaging their customers’ pattern of spending as well as their lifestyle. First, let us try looking why mobile at the first go? The answer is pretty … Continue reading Retail – App only Vs Mobile web

Tapping the right set of customers – Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics
  • Dhirendra Sinha

Retail is one of the industries, which has got lot of touch points with customers and therefore it becomes important to understand the need and behavior of these customers. The customer’s behavior is difficult to capture, follow and predict, with the shopping becoming more and more of a digital experience. The customer in today’s world … Continue reading Tapping the right set of customers – Retail Analytics

Enterprise Mobility: Need of the Hour

  • Richa Kumari

In order to bring tremendous value in productivity of any organization, it has become significant to stop tying employees to their desks. Numerous smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearable devices are here to let employees access desired resources, data and applications freely and securely.

Learn and Adapt to stay relevant

  • Bhaskar Narayanan

“if you resist change you will be irrelevant in the 21 century” – Narendra Modi

“Change is the only constant” – I bet, this has got to be one of the most boringly clichéd quotes used over the last 30 years or so. With everything about us changing so fast, the only way to stay in the hunt is to learn and adapt quickly. The Prime Ministers words are not just a sage advice for individuals but a brutal truth for the organizations. No pasture is green enough, at least not long enough Transformation is the key.

IOT – Changing the face of Retail

  • Dhirendra Sinha

IOT or widely called “Internet of Things” has somehow become “Internet of Today” in current scenario. More than Machine to machine communication it has slowly evolved into a fact of life. There is no field left, which it hasn’t touched and revolutionized to the every extent possible.

Advantages of WEB API over WCF

  • Sathish Easuwaran

In a fast-paced development environment, it could be a tricky decision to make whether to use WEB API or WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). Both can be self-hosted or hosted in IIS.

RSS vs Atom

  • Sathish Easuwaran

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a familiar name in the internet world, but Atom (Atom Syndication Format) may not ring a bell for many.

Software Testing Trends

  • admin

The technological transformations happening in the IT world have been very rapid and are creating a considerable impact on businesses. That said, the year 2016 may be seen as an immensely challenging year for the software testing community with the emerging trends.

Riding the wave into a digital world

  • Bhaskar Narayanan

One of the most important measures of success of an innovation is in its adoption. This transition happens, when the consumer is not required to understand the technology behind innovation but can still use it effortlessly. Take for instance the internet and how it has seamlessly integrated with our lives. This is probably the single most influential technological innovation that has re shaped the world in the last 30 years or so.

Planning Poker – an exciting estimation technique

  • Sathish Easuwaran

Need for relative sizing of estimates

Agile methodology is all about “plan as you go”. With insufficient or little detailed requirements available upfront, it becomes impossible to come up with precise effort estimates to determine the size of the entire project. Since the Product Backlog evolves throughout the lifecycle of a product,

Development methodology

  • admin

You have a marathon to run in the next few months, or let us assume so for a moment. You walk in to a big footwear store to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. You see multiple aisles categorized based on footwear types such as Sneakers, Loafers, Boots, Floaters, etc. The list could be long. Sometimes, the choices could be overwhelming.

3 ways to improve the Business Intelligence (BI) adoption rate

  • admin

With an ever changing technology landscape and the overflow of digital data, Business intelligence plays a critical role for companies to remain competitive in the market. The power to understand and analyze data to make quick, competitive and impactful decisions is the need of the hour for any decision maker. BI user adoption plays a critical role in the drive to become a data-driven company. Unfortunately, BI adoption rate for many companies hovers as low as 30% for the executed BI projects. This situation leads to massive loss of time, infrastructure and money spent on these BI projects. Below are a few approaches that help in improving the BI adoption rate in the company.

Beyond Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics

  • admin

The discussions on Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse solutions seem to be always around historical, sickness pharm integrated, order and non-volatile data. Is it worth spending huge budgets on those BI solutions? If we look at the way most of the Business Intelligence projects are implemented and how they have been utilized by the business … Continue reading Beyond Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics