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    • Information Management

      Information Management

      As an information management specialist, we work at all levels of digital transformation for our clients. Our IM practice is aligned to address all your decision needs ranging from daily operational planning to strategic business objectives.

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    • Business Analytics

      Business Analytics

      Turn your data into business opportunities with our unrivalled expertise in analytics. Our analytics practice aids in analysing complex data sets and predict desired outcomes through well tested analytical models.

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    • Quality Assurance

      Quality Assurance

      Our rigorous process-oriented quality assurance approach ensures data efficiency and prepares the client’s IT infrastructure for the ever-changing technology landscapes and increased business demands.

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    • BI & DW

      BI & DW

      Our business intelligence and data warehousing services are attuned to provide the best possible domain solution and reporting framework for our clients. We work through agile process to provide a flexible and a cost-effective solution...

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    • Reporting as a Managed Service

      Reporting as a Managed Service

      Measure, Monitor and Quantify your Performance through Reporting as a Managed Service (RaaMS). It is an on-premise reporting model that takes our client on the journey from current state to pure-play data driven organization.

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    • Enterprise Mobility

      Enterprise Mobility

      Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Go mobile, and make faster decisions with our enterprise mobility applications.

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    • Banking


      With ever mounting regulatory measures and pressure to create sustained profitability in an environment of low interest rates, Banks and Financial institutions need to reposition themselves...

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    • Telecom


      The advancements in technology have played both boon and bane for the telecom industry. On one hand the industry faces decreasing growth rates and lower voice revenues from emerging markets...

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    • Retail


      Retail companies operate in a highly dynamic environment. The fluctuating economic conditions made it difficult for the retail companies as customers became frugal in their spending. The sector is further challenged...

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    • Travel and Tours

      Travel and Tours

      Travel and tours is one of the fastest growing sectors and has continued to flourish in the last few years. While expanding globally the sector is confronted with the challenges such as managing cost, optimizing and streamlining the processes...

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    • Public Sector

      Public Sector

      With the advent of the digital age and the growing population of internet users, the government and the public sector entities are faced with increased adoption of information technology to daily operations...

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    • Logistics and Distribution

      Logistics and Distribution

      In today’s environment, logistics and distribution companies face numerous challenges that affect the companies both externally and internally. On the external front, the growing regulatory measures...

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    • SAP BO
    • Microsoft
    • Birst
    • Qlik
    • Jasperssoft
    • LogiXML
    • Talend
    • Tibco Spotfire
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